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    Laboratory Testing

    The company's investment in the construction of physical and chemical laboratories will be put into use soon. When completed, Nanwang will become the first domestic environmental protection paper bag industry to have this level of physical and chemical laboratories of the enterprise. In 2016, Nanwang became QB/T 4379 "portable paper bag" industry standard drafting and revision of the unit. In order to better practice and develop  the normative role of industry standards, establishing a portable paper bag industry expert image, Nanwang started the lab program by doing  a series of professional testing technology and checking the quality of products. It truly reflects the quality of excellence and spirit of strict quality craftsmen in the industry.

    Nanwang passed the ISO9001 quality management system, developed internal quality control standards. Laboratory testing projects include paper smoothness, stiffness, thickness and whiteness detection, UV visible light analyzer, microwave digestion and other testing equipment. We also have a full set of tests to environmental paper bag  materials, semi-finished products, finished products. It ensures that the quality of environmentally friendly paper bags strictly meet the quality standards.

    Nanwang insists on the quality of products, so nanwang pay more attention to details and strict quality control. Nanwang is committed to providing customers with the best paper packaging.